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Found 3 results

  1. Does anyone have experience with a Case 580-D backhoe? I understand it is older but would like some opinions. I’ve been thinking about a backhoe for some personal projects around the farm and there is one that may become available. Not looking to start a business or anything. No 4x4 or extenda-hoe. 2600hrs. 1982 model. Does have a clamshell bucket and seems clean for its age. The guy was known to take care of his equipment.
  2. I ordered a Flo-pro stainless 4” turbo back exhaust for my 6.5. Got to wondering, I see the FloPro sticker on the back window of every high school POS on the road . Did I do a dumb thing? Looked good, I needed an exhaust and I figured a 4” might squeak an extra horse or 2 out, I could really use them. Opinions?
  3. My in-laws have moved to a barrier island in Georgia, would like a gun for there, neither are “gun people “ my FIL is intelligent, mechanical and shot skeet in his youth has a couple nice shotguns he’s inherited but it’s not his thing. The issues at hand are snakes, raccoons and if it came to it, alligators. I think a Judge would be just the ticket for him, but the request was for something “Kathy could use” this frightens me in general, I try to keep dangerous items like guns , knives , plastic bags and down pillows away from her because she does strange things sometimes. What I’m getting at
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