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Found 1 result

  1. I have two L series Kubota tractors, a 1984 L275 and a 2005 L3130. A couple years ago I added one of the electro/hydraulic third function kits to the 3130 so that I could use a power angle blade, brush grapple and 4 in 1 bucket, this tractor had the steer skid quick attach set ups on it. Last summer I pulled off the pin on bucket and got a SSQA set up for the 275 made by ATI from Messick’s and a newer SSQA bucket from Hoover’s. After getting that set up this tractor, it got me thinking about the 3rd function. I checked with several of the places that make the kits and they told me that it was too old to be converted. Talked to my buddy who is the lead mechanic at the Kubota dealer and he said, we used to do that all the time! So I started shopping, found a valve and some fittings at Tractor Supply, but still needed other fittings that did not have. Took a trip to Paul B hardware, where they had more than I needed. Since I did not know all the sizes and set up I needed, it took a couple of trips to both TSC and Paul B. Today I was able to get it all hooked up and it works perfect! Looks good also, not really like an add on. Now all my implements are interchangeable between both tractors. Thanks to the folks that said it couldn’t be done, I saved about $600 and also learned a lot doing the job! Win-Win ! I have two videos to share, but I need to figure out how to covert them to upload.
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