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Found 4 results

  1. When I start up I have to rev the engine to get the oil pressure to come up. Is this a sign of a need to replace oilnpump
  2. Rich

    1086 Gages

    This one is complicated. at least for me. Engine running in both pictures. Key Off Above The Coolant Temp and Fuel gauge will not work with the key ON but the fuel gauge works with key OFF. Temp gauge only worked for 2 days. have another posting on the issue Fuel Gauge is Correct. main tank almost empty auxiliary full Key On Below Any Thoughts will be appreciated.
  3. I will try to be brief but have a lot to cover. Just overhauled 656G. Polished crank, new main and rod bearings. New piston and sleeves. Oil lite blinking at low idle. Put gauge on it and found to be around 6 pounds. Order and installed new oil regulating poppet and spring. Still low. Ordered and installed new oil pump. At 1600 rpm pressure is 20 lbs and drops as it gets warmed up. Using IH SAE 30 oil. I am stumped. Took pan back off and plastic gauged one rod and one main. Both checked out good. Runs about 6 lbs at idle. Ran with valve cover off and drip seems normal. HELP
  4. Ive got at IH 140 tractor and I noticed during a parade that after about 30 mins the oil pressure dropped to almost zero . I had recently changed the oil and put a new filter ( it has the factory spin on filter ) on it and now this happens after 30 mins of use . The same thing happend to a friend of mine on his 140 when he used the same filter ( Napa Gold ) when he changed his oil . Only reason I used that filter was it was white and I was able to use the IH ( Oil Lube Filter ) decal I had made to look original . Should I change the filter to the CIH filter and see if that works ? . I bought another gauge and will try to see if it is the cause as well . the tractor does not Knock or burn oil so i know its not that . any help thanks . This is the other decal the one I used says "Oil Lube Filter" not just oil filter
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