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Found 2 results

  1. Question for you mechanics. I've always been taught oil filter are hand tight plus about a half turn to 3/4 turn to compress the gasket. Is there a torque spec on oil filters? The reason I ask is that I had a dealer change the oil in my truck and when I went to change it the next time it was all I had to turn the filter loose, probably 90 - 100 ft lbs on the filter. I also had to get a longer ratchet to break open the drain plug in the oil pan. Just now I got a call on the wife’s car (2017 Toyota Highlander) that went in for the 20,000 mile complimentary service. They broke the oil filter housing off because they overtightened the filter last oil change. Luckily the dealer is paying for the repair, but they have to go aftermarket because no OEM filter mounts available for 2 weeks. If I was the shop manager I’d be all over the crew on the oil change lanes today.
  2. Rich

    1086 Filters

    Here I go again. Learning curve number 765!! changing Filters just because don't know what shape they are in. I have been sent multiple filters. 1. Baldwin B299 indicates Oil filter. 2 filters. Right side near Cab 2. Baldwin BT261 indicates Filter, Full-Flow Lube spin on Case A58672 am told this is a hydraulic filter. don't know where it goes. Can I use this one as a Fuel Filter 3 Baldwin BF979 Fuel Spin On Primary BF979 ih 702251c1, 7025143C1, 703420C91 This one is 8 1/4" long Only 1 filter. Don't think I need it?? My Fuel filters are on the left near cab there are 2 and they are approx 7" also have water filter that one lines up I am not sure what I have. I find 4 7"filters and 1 4" water filter 2 fuel, 2 oil, and 1 water. Not finding filters in the parts manual that match up to anything on the market!! PS have already changed the Air filters. looked good but wow what dust in them. As usual any assistance is appreciated.
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