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Found 3 results

  1. You are experiencing drought almost like Dale and you need all the hay you can get. So you are going to hay road ditches but don't want to use your newer windrower because of past experience with rocks. You go to your next door cousin's and pull this gem of a swather from the fence row. Its an early 70s NH 910. It is fully functional and was last used a little over 10 years ago. Filter on the engine says 07'. So far have checked oil in all the gear boxes, need to replace some sections and then give her ****. The reason I wanted to use this is because they took the crimper off long time ago so there is just a big opening in the middle of the header. If I encounter any rocks they won't damage too much as oppose to a JD Moco.
  2. We are kind of dipping our toes in upgrading some of our tractors. We have all 86 series and really like the simplicity of them, but now, I have kids and would like a little better cab, and easier creature comforts for them to come with. Mostly looking for the 130-150hp range for hauling forage boxes, cutting hay, and planting corn. Mfwd isn't a must at the moment, but would be a benefit. I like the durability of the magnum's, but lack of a buddy seat leaves the buddies at home. What are your opinions, repair, coat of ownership, and lastly cab features/seating.
  3. Using the skid steer the other day to haul manure. Well, lost power, smoked white like crazy... Now, I'm in this mess ha. No obvious damage on the outside. Low oil pressure, local cnh says oil pumps often crap out. P.s. it's dirty, washer is out of commission...
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