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Found 1 result

  1. Picked up a project on a 1971 F-1466 with the DT-436 engine for a friend. Was running earlier this year but has not been started for several months. Friend took a job in Alaska and asked me to get her back in the field for him. Stuck a battery in her and she rolls over just fine. Tried to prime the fuel and found the primer plunger seals were bad and had to repair it first. Was then able to prime the fuel pump and injectors. I have fuel spray coming from the injector connections consistently with good spray. The tractor does not fire off , nor is there any slight smoke from the exhaust like its getting diesel into the cylinders. It also has the starter fluid injector set up so I backed out the fitting and hit it with a shot and it fires on that for a second. Here are my suspicions that I am working on now and would like any input you guys can provide. Bosch 100 Model fuel pump not putting out enough fuel pressure to overcome injectors. Found Pump Manual on line states the pump should produce 2 GPM @ 55 PSI. I will attempt to install a temporary pressure gauge on the fuel pump this weekend to see what its putting out. From what I can tell on the information I have on the unit so far I should install this gauge in the line running from the fuel pump back to the fuel filter? Fuel injectors stuck? Seems odd all 6 would stick at the same time but possible. Bad Fuel. - Will bleed and refill with enough to test this weekend as well, but it should have smoked a little and tried to cough at least is my thought.