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Found 2 results

  1. MD not starting

    Hello I am new here and new to the old tractor world. I have recently bought a 1951 MD. When I first got it the gas side and the diesel side worked flawlessly then one day I went to start it on gas to unload it off the trailer it cranked and cranked with white smoke before finally starting. It now will not start or run on gas. I managed to get it started on diesel and tried to switch it to gas and it quits. I checked for spark and it seems to be a white spark not blue, plugs look ok. I'm at a loss......I just got a manual but it doesn't seem to go over this particular point. I have not yet checked linkage adjustments, I was hoping someone has been through this before. I bought this MD because I'd never seen one before and I thinks it' the coolest tractor out there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. David
  2. Super MD over revving

    My dad and I were starting a Super MD. We got it going on diesel, we pulled it around. It went for a while and then started over heating and running very fast. We shut it down with the compression lever and tried to pull it again, it started and did the same thing. As it was over revving, oil was pouring out by the compression lever and throttle. Any ideas on what is wrong?