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Found 3 results

  1. There is my rebuilted and restored 80 combine. I put a pickup reel this year I include a video , sorry for quality, its hard to film and run the machine in the same time! https://youtu.be/kbeefDy9RT0
  2. I have just swapped the cab frame on a customers MX90c after a tree fell on it. I utilised the original console and wiring loom which all unbolted from the damaged cabin frame and swapped across to the replacement cabin frame. Now that I have refitted the ECMs and started the tractor it won’t move and PTO light is constantly lit along with the audible alarm. I can rule out the tree damage causing it as all was working prior to working on it which is making me think there is a dodgy wire or earth somewhere or something I’ve missed reinstalling everything. Wondering if anyone has any ideas? I'll do some circuit tests tomorrow and see if there's something I've missed. Easy to start to get paralysis from analysis 😂 Does the PTO ECM have to be reconfigured or reprogrammed after not having battery voltage for a few weeks? These are some observations I’ve made: Forward/Reverse shuttle doesn’t work and there is no hydraulic pressure at the ‘clutch’ inch pedal spool test port. I also disconnected the inch pedal cable to ensure the spool wasn’t dumping hydraulic pressure which it isn’t. The PTO light is constantly lit along with the audible alarm – no flashes indicating a fault code. Powershift 1 through to 4 solenoids all shift and show up on the dashboard. 3PL, diff lock, Fwd all work. Shuttle switch in F or R will prevent engine cranking, suggesting shuttle switch and wiring okay. I had the seat safety switch connected with a jump wire as I had the seat out to adjust the inch pedal cable but it makes no difference with the wires connected nor disconnected.
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