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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, I have been following this forum for quite some time now (it has been extremely helpful!) as I work on my 1950ish td6 crawler. I have finally become a member so I figured I would share my experience in case it will be of help to anyone else. This crawler was purchased by my great grandpa (I am only 22) for use on his tree farm. He had plans for some sort of hydraulic lift in the front of the crawler that would grab small trees and lift them vertically to be placed in new locations, however it was never completed. The crawler had been sitting for maybe 10 years before it was m
  2. Had more than mag trouble. First off my multi-meter took a long walk off a short pier and was giving me bogus readings. No matter what I did the combination of old parts and bad decisions couldn't make the mag fire. After getting a new multi-meter I started questioning everything. With two H4-0000-000-D (TD) mags I had double the trouble. One coil checked out both sets of point looked good no appreciable pits or burrs, one condenser was way out of spec (bad but not shorted), cap and button are old and probably scrapped clean way too many times, plugs wires and ends were new and in great shap
  3. Ok. Ok, ok I know another question about magnetos and coils. I have looked here, there and over there too but I can't seem to find the any specs on my IH H4 coil resistance. Anyone know what the acceptable ohms between the primary leads? And an acceptable ohms reading between a primary lead and the secondary lead? Well poo!!! my 1980 something ohm meter just took a long walk off a short pier. Off to town in a snow storm
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