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Found 4 results

  1. I recently bought a Farmall M and it came with this air cleaner. Looking for information on it as I can't seem to find much online. This tractor did have multiple aftermarket options, m&w stuff mostly. If it don't belong on an M what models would this belong on? Thanks for any info
  2. Unless someone has a spare lying around, I'm looking into having a 4 7/8" bore M&W Add Power piston cast. Let me know if you would be interested in some of these. I'm sure I could get several made for not much more than one.
  3. Thank you and kudo to 'chadd' and 'Doctor Evil' for their recommendations on hydraulic fluid ! (Previous post - "Hydraulic fluid for M&W Live Pump") Now, on to the next step - Once I get the live M&W hydraulic system reassembled, how do I get all of the air out of it? (distributor drive pump, valves, tank, lines, and coupling hoses) I happen to have an extra hose that could be connected between the two rear couplings, if that would help. Thanks for sharing your expertise !
  4. Working on a (new to me) 1942 W-4 with an M&W live hydraulic pump on the distributor drive train. While cleaning everything and replacing bad hoses I found the old fluid was partially like jelly and lumpy. OK, I'm replacing the fluid too, BUT WITH WHAT?!? The pump is #202PX at 1000PSI, 12GPM, and 7HP. I need some idea what fluid (or weight) I should put in it. Thanks for sharing your expertise !