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Found 1 result

  1. FarmerFixEmUp

    IH service bulletin S-5047

    Anyone have a copy of Bulletin S-5047? It deals with the supercharge line on the 86 series. Been working on an early 1086 (open center hydraulics) with what I believe is a spragless ta (customer has only owned it 2 or 3 years and doesn't know the service history of it) and a lube light flickering at idle. There's a decal on the tractor that say equipped with spragless TA, but who knows how long ago that was. Replaced the mcv pump which was scored inside and had pieces missing in the seals behind the gear plate and went through the mcv valve and it's a lot better, but when hot at engine idle and Steering to the stops the light comes on and the tractor totally stops moving. With the TA back or ahead. Above 1300 rpm or so it works fine. I disconnected the supply lines to the brake valve, clutch booster, and the line to the diff lock valve. (No hydraulic seat) Still does it. I finally disconnected the lube line to the brakes and it stops doing it until I put the flow rater on the remote and got the oil hot. I'm thinking it needs a TA but we're trying to avoid that since he wants it back asap. Oh by the way, the clutch slips too!Which is why I'm trying to fix this hydraulic issue before splitting it. According to Allied they run the brake lube off the hitch pump with the superccharge elimination kit they offer. Allows another 2 to 3 gallons of oil for the mcv pump. I'm not sure that is enough to cover this up. Having it disconnected to the brake lube fittings now and still having the light come on at idle makes me skeptical. It would probably work as is, but if he is moving in a small space at low idle like backing a wagon it may just stop moving. That's not very safe.