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Found 1 result

  1. Getting old

    When I was young and developing skills I always strived to get better. As I get older I seem to be having a harder time retaining those skills. For example you get done welding a piece on a small utility trailer get up and take off your gloves and then see your chipping hammer laying on the ground. You then proceed to brace yourself on the piece you just welded to lean over to pick up the hammer. Or the time you caught the leg of your pants on fire cutting off that hard to get at piece of steel. My wife is about to take my welder and cutting torch away from me. I used to be pretty good at siphoning gas out of the '58 stake truck into my '53 ford to get enough gas to get to town for a date. Fast forward 50+ years I decide to take the 1200 A to the station to fill it with premium gas for the winter. In my wisdom I fail to take a can to bring some premium back for the antique walk behind tractors, oh well I'll take a can next time I go to the station. As I am sitting there I come up with the brilliant idea to siphon a gallon or two out of the 1200A, it wouldn't miss a couple gallons. I proceed to get my high test hose ( piece of 5/8 garden hose) and a can and head to the building where the 1200 sits. Stick the end of the hose in the tank and put the other end in my mouth. Half a inhale later I am sipping on 93 octane with a touch of Seafoam in it which doesn't improve the taste one bit. Go into the house to get some milk to see if it will cut the taste of the gas. Not so much. Wife asked why I smelled like gasoline. Busted. Hope she doesn't take my trucks away. Just a warning to everybody that getting older is not much fun. Dennis