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Found 1 result

  1. My brother was headed over to some property we own on the highway near us to mow. There wasn't much traffic for being a Saturday night, so he pulled out on the shoulder of the highway and headed down there, about a 1/4 of a mile south of the road he turned off of, but on the other side of the highway. Had a couple cars go by, then the other lane was open so he went over the passing lane to the shoulder on the other side, but couldn't get over all the way due to delineator posts on the edge that he had to go around. He had noticed a car quite a ways back passing another, but it was a long ways back, and had plenty of time to get over. He saw it coming up fast in the passing lane but was going around a culvert and delineator on the shoulder so he was on the passing lane about 2', almost ready to turn into the crossover to head across to the driveway, no one in the slow/driving lane. He saw the guy was going to hit him but couldn't get over due to the drop off the culvert created. The guy hit the right rear of the mower at near 70 mph. The lady he had passed before he hit my brother said she was doing 65 and he was going a good clip faster than that and never hit his brakes when he hit him. He's real lucky he didn't make contact with the mower as it came up or get thrown off or rolled over. The guy skidded past my brother and ended up down in the median. He was holding his neck and acting like it hurt. His air bag didn't go off, but it wiped the front off his little sh!tbox car. My brother was ok luckily, spun the tractor right around so it was fully blocking one lane and almost into the other lane. He had 2 smv signs, one on his mower and one on the tractor, but I have a feeling the way the guy was acting that my brother will soon be involved in a lawsuit. He told the lady that witnessed it "what was he even doing out here, he isn't supposed to be out here with a tractor!" It is NOT a limited access highway. She was a nearby farm type girl and told him that he had just as much right to have that tractor out there as he did his car, real nice lady. Once the cops were done I used the trusty 826 with my heavy duty boom to lift the mower off the tractor and drag the mower across to our property, my brother was able to start and drive the Oliver over there and leave it, he didn't want to drive it back home, he was pretty shook up. I sure was glad my twin brother was ok, he was glad the 77 wasn't damaged more than the hitch being broken off, the seat, fender and 3 point being bent, it used to be my grandpa's tractor that my brother bought after he passed away. He was very lucky
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