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Found 7 results

  1. Steering help 1600 loadstar

    I recently bought a 1971 international loadstar 1600. Only real problem is that the steering shaft coupler didn't engage the steering box. The shaft on the box is 3/4". The only replacement couplers I could locate were 1" in diameter. Local heavy truck shop says parts are unavailable. Does anyone have a source for this part?
  2. I am trying to pull the steering wheel on my 1964 Loadstar 1600 in order to work on the horn, but cannot figure out what type of bolt I need to engage the puller. I have 1/4" both coarse and fine thread, and neither will engage with the internal threads in the wheel. I hope someone might be able to point me in the right direction here.
  3. Hey everyone, thanks for the add. I have a 76 Loadstar 1700 school bus - built by wayne. I've been working on it now for about 3 weeks. It had been sitting for the last 10 or so years and so a major overhaul is underway. That being said as it is now running and moving, it's time to get the brakes working. It has a a dual hydrovac setup. I have never worked with this type of braking system but understand how the system works. There do not seem to be any leaks in the hydraulic part of the system. With that in mind I have some questions about how the vacuum side of this system is supposed to be run. Do hydrovac systems generally run off of stored vacuum from the engine? This set up has what I believe to be a stand alone vacuum pump on the frame rail. You can see it in the middle picture on the left hand side (it is a red cylinder) What are some things to keep in mind when running this system for the first time in 10 years? Are rebuild kits for these units available? Generally any information you guys can provide on this will be greatly greatly appreciated
  4. Went to start the loadstar and it would not start so I changed the fuel filter and it started and ran for about 2 minutes and then died and would not start again and found that it did not have any spark what could this be? It has power on both sides of the coil and there seems to be power in the distributor. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Loadstar 1800 Gauges

    In the loadstar 1800 I recently bought a few of the gauges aren't working and was wondering if anybody had any ideas. Ones that are not working are the RPM, the temp and the fuel the fuel does move a bit but it wants to stay at a quarter tank, The RPM does not move at all, neither does the temp the temp looks new so not sure why its not working. Any trouble shooting ideas are greatly appreciated. And any ideas where I can get an owners manual for it. Thanks in advance.
  6. Was wondering what this would be worth 1977 International Loadstar 1800 tandem axle cab & chassis With 446-V8, 5+4 trans, new interior, 151,061 miles showing. On auction that I am going to next week end. Thanks Link to sale
  7. brake help

    Hi, I finally got my loadstar 1700 running and driving but now I need to fix the brakes. I know that this is a big problem for ih loadstars. the guy I bought my truck from took off the brake booster off the firewall and just but a dual master cylinder there and eliminated the booster completely so I need some pictures of that area and all where the hoses that go to it, and any other help with the brakes any one could give me,. I am only 14 so it is a lot of work for me but I am up to the challenge of saving another ih truck from the scrape pile. Thanks, Nick