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Found 3 results

  1. Need a cheaper option for a bucket cylinder for my 2250 loader. IH wants almost $800 for one and $350 for a seal kit cylinder part number is 852985C91 is there any cylinders that cross with it? Any good, cheaper places for seal kits?
  2. After noticing a few leaks and then a pipe splitting I removed the loader from my 844xl so I could get all the hydraulics sorted. Several pipes and filters later I am now looking to put the loader back on. I have some questions about the pipework. I know next to nothing about loaders, I’ve put the pipes back on as they previously were; b1 comes from the hydraulic pump T1 returns the the auxiliary tank the previous owners had another pipe running from the T outlet (below t1) to the drain plug at the back end of the tractor. Is this the free flow pipe? Do I need to have it or can I just close off the outlet? What’s the advantages of a free flow pipe? I only ask as someone is telling me I don’t need to re-install it, I’m not convinced but want to understand it first. I don’t know what make the spool block is, the plate has worn away and the serial numbers haven’t been fruitful after a Google search.
  3. So this is a followup to a thread I started a few days ago about putting a 510 loader on my 1466. The general consensus among some of you was that, yes, it can be done and has been done. I started to put the front mounting part on the tractor today and this is the problem I have; see the attached pictures. How do I get over this? I made a template of the arms that bolt onto the frame and I think there are two holes that will work... I'll have to drill holes for the arms to fit. This is about to become very depressing very fast. Any advice?
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