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Found 7 results

  1. I recently bought a Case IH 395 2wd - 1400 hrs - with no loader. Specs show it uses a 2200 loader. I would like to know if this would be the best one to look for, or would other loaders bolt right on and have better function. I don't want to do much modification.
  2. Couldn't sleep last night and got to thinking about foot controls for a loader. Something like a Bi directional tractor has but on a hydro tractor would make a slick setup would it not? Power beyond to a block with a cable operated joystick setup but instead of the joystick use foot pedals? Or the ability to use either or somehow? Anyone ever attempted anything like this, or am I crazy and it would never work?
  3. I know this topic has been addressed in some form already, but I am still unclear about some specifics. I want to connect a loader valve to a 1981 IH 886. It has the supercharge line to the MCV from the end plate of the auxiliary valve stack. I don’t want to use the rear remote to power the loader. I would like to tap in to the tractor hydraulic system at the aux. valve under the right fender. Can I put a T in the supercharge line for supply and return the flow with a T in the larger line that enters the tractor rear housing below the valve stack? Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance.
  4. Drove through Wengers today and got to see this really nice old Gehl skid loader. Showing 3xxx hours. Looks super clean with all the decals etc still in place. The 2cyl gas engine may have been recently replaced. At $5500 they are nuts. Made me think of the recent skid loader posts. If I was made of money it would be a neat piece to have.
  5. My 2355 loader on a 1066 chatters (jerks) as it is lowered. The bucket operation is smooth but the loader arms are jerky when lowered
  6. Have a old Hough 90 pay loader... She needs a oil cooler.. Any ideas were I can find one ?? or have one rebuilt??? What would be a good RE-POWER engine to put in it???
  7. I just brought home a very early 1972 (110th one off the line) 175C crawler loader. It is my first venture into stuff big enough to crush a car. I have mostly stuck to small engines and tractors up to this point. I bought a 400 pg (roughly) maintenance book online (ISS-1528-2), but it doesn't contain the simple stuff, like where are all the drains and what are the recommended fluids, filter locations, and frequency of changes. Does anyone have an Operator's manual for this machine that they would mind selling or copying for me? I cannot find any other service manuals for sale anywhere online, besides the engine. I have searched this forum and found a website that is somewhat supported by Komatsu for exploded diagrams, so if I know what to look for, I might be able to decipher where in the machine it is. My fear is that I will miss something that I don't know about. Picture books are always nice. Any help is appreciated.
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