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Found 6 results

  1. 986 Electrical Issues

    Since I bought the tractor in October I have been having trouble with my batteries holding a charge. I cleaned the terminals and posts, had the batteries tested and they tested ok. The alternator has a sticker showing that it was new a year ago. I've been needing to finish up my fall plowing so have been trying to run in the dark. The lights tend to go dim within 10 minutes. I'm hoping that it's just one of my batteries has a short or bad cell. Last night I was able to get one new interstate battery installed because it was the last C24 that my supplier had in stock. I tried the lights again last night and they went dim quickly. I hope to get the other new battery tonight so I can see if that was the problem. If not, do any of you have suggestions? I thought about just adding some temporary auxiliary lights with an alligator clip to the alternator.
  2. Magnum lights

    Lost all lights but nose lights. All relays show good when I moved to fuel shut off relay spot. All fuses show good and have put in a new switch from case ih. Have power coming into switch on one wire and only power coming out to front lights. Tested all circuit breakers with a test light everything shows to be hot on breakers as well. What am I missing where do I need to look next? I also pulled connection under right front cab and all looked clean and solid there. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. LED lights, Flood versus Trapezoidal

    Guys, I've read through a few forum threads on the LED lights (appreciate that you posted those) and I want to put a set on my 1066... I want the two on the nose, the two on the fenders, and one or two on the back. Any of you that's used them, did you notice which pattern, Flood or Trapezoidal, that you used (and if you used one type up front and another on the fenders or back)? If they work out well, I'll follow up with a set on the 544 (just the fenders and a back one on it, of course -- none on the nose). Both tractors need new lamps. Looks like the ones on Steiner pull 18W, so 1.5A. Should be able to run all these on the light switch that's in the tractor, looks like. Thanks, Russ...
  4. Where does everybody mount their 7 pole plugs on Year A Round Cabs for implement flashers? I can find spots on IH cabs but not on year a rounds. Thanks.
  5. LED lights on 3688

    Just wondering if anyone has put LED lights on their 88 series tractors? Bought two for the front lower cab holes to replace burnt out one, so figured I'd buy two while at it. Put the one in on weekend and went to put the second one in and had two male plugs in the box So I got a female plug today to finish up the job. They don't light up! I turned the one on the other day and it worked fine with the two in the grill on as well as the back lights. So why does the 2nd LED not light up? Neither of them do now. I checked the fuses and the seem ok. They are the flat automobile fuses. Is it possible the LED lights are too much for the system? Total have two rear fender mounted LED which is hooked to auxiliary switch on corner of dash. The rear round work lights are LED's that come on when all four front lights are turned on for field work. The two lights in grill are stock, they aren't LED's i was under the understanding that LED's take less power? Is there othe fuses in the system normally? Can I test the new lights by hooking to a battery with two jumper wires to make sure lights aren't defective? I mounted them into the holes thinking it might need to be grounded. No such luck! thoughts?
  6. H won't start

    My H that never fails me has a problem 6 volt Will turn over no prob but will not catch. The ignition switch is pulled out but wont go The lights wont work either. Also when I click on ignition switch the amperage meter doesn't move. I have good voltage 6.7 to push button.