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Found 1 result

  1. After seeing Lorenzos Tesla thread I figured I bring up my idea. So we push up feed 10x a day with a C50 CIH tractor. Clutch is getting soft since Latinos are bred to believe a clutch is a speed control not a de coupling device. Its frankly bigger than it needs to be and has a side fold blade on it that sticks out a bit and on occasion they hook gates/walls etc with it and do damage all around. Friend got a BX1880 Kubota hydro to push with. ITS mini! Like most are lawn mowers. Says so far so good after 2 years. Barely can push feed the 1st time after it's put down but then its fine. Hydro (like 90% of scrapping tractors) elim clutch and its too light to wreak what it hits. I have been thinking of making like a Boomer NH or 2800 HST (hydro) Kubota size into a elec drive. QUIET and 0 maintenance. Get a hydro one and all you need to do is flip a switch. I could even manage the motor rpm so that cant go too fast. C50 has 3-4 unhooked. Put 'snow' blade type blade on front so tight against nose and not hanging out a mile. They only go like 2000' from start to finish doing all 6 pens so battery life should not be a issue. Then where it parks is a panel we could easy wire a plug and charge between pushes. I have 0 idea how to do this. See some E tractor companies but for $50k for a "40hp" rig that nuts. Then the few tutorials are a bit back woods builds. Not sure the couple I seen would be daily reliable. What about pulling a Prius drive system and putting batteries on a 3pt rack? Brother wont allow a auction prius with a blade.....says be too ugly! I can see making it clean and simple with out too much money IF used some used parts like a Toyota etc. You'd have to keep the rad or add a cooler for the hydro. But it takes like 7 min to push up, then near 2 hours till next run.....a 5 gallon tank to heat sync would be more than enough. Any thoughts? Be nice and quiet and have speed control/limiting. The short hard run time is going to kill the little Perkins soon! Latinos hit the key and drop petal at the same time! An no one I know has got them to be gentler with machines.
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