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Found 1 result

  1. Well, boys, I think I can say that the Fall Run has begun. For those of you not involved in the cattle industry, that’s a term used to describe our busy season hauling cattle. I farm a little and mostly haul cattle, so I thought I’d try to share my travels with the Red Power community for the next few months while I run up and down the road. The blue dot is where I live, roughly in the middle between Sioux City IA and Sioux Falls SD. Most of the loads of cattle I haul fall into one of two categories: 1 would be fat cattle, loads that originate within 50 miles of home; and 2 would be feeder cattle, loads that may originate up to 1,000 miles away but end up within 50 miles of home. Yesterday I left home at 6:45 am, to load fat cattle, bound for Omaha. Got to Omaha about 11:30 and left about 12:30. There was a wreck on I-29 northbound so I decided to take Hwy 75 back to Sioux City. I knew there was a possibility of getting called to go after a load of feeders so I decided to kill a little time in Sioux City and wash my truck. Sure enough the phone rang, destination Rushville NE. I took this picture of the sun setting over the Sandhills somewhere west of Valentine NE. Got to Rushville about 9:45 pm. Loaded and rolling an hour later. 372 miles later at 5 am, waiting my turn to unload. By the time I got home, swept the trailer out, and refueled the truck, it was 6:45 am. Took a shower and went to bed for two hours, then got up to deliver a couple puppies for my wife (our kids raise Bassett hounds), then went to a baler clinic put on by the local CaseIH dealer. Now it’s 4 pm and I’m in the truck again, picking up a load of fat cattle to deliver to Schuyler NE tonight.
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