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Found 3 results

  1. hooking up to remotes

    I want to hook up my 310, 706 diesel to the haybine. I can't get one of the hoses from the haybine to go all the way into the remote. I've worked the remote lever in the tractor back and forth and have switched the hoses, one will go in properly and the hose that would allow the haybine to lower won't go in all the way. I had a bit of this difficulty last fall in hooking up to disks, though eventually I was able to make the connection. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. 706 range transmission

    I've been into the range transmission wondering if I can't improve the shifting of this tractor, most notably getting out of reverse with some degree of regularity , ease and comfort. How much play is there normally in the reverse fork shaft? Seems like a fair bit on this one and I can feel where this might be the binding I seem to experience when wanting to shift out of reverse. Would a new shaft do the trick or is the play apt to be in the casting holding the fork? Any advice is appreciated, thanks.
  3. 706 range transmission

    In addressing some shifting issues I've pulled the cover off the range transmission. The pin holding the shifter cam to the shifter spindle and lever was sheared off and the spring holding the other cam with tension was intact but in the bottom of the transmission case. Things look in pretty good shape given that it was still shifting almost reasonably except for the fact you were lucky to get out of reverse. I am wondering about the head of a sheared off bolt, black iron with a seven sixteenths head and five sixteenths thread. I don't see where it came from,and I don't see it in the diagrams of either the shifting linkage or the gear pictures. There is also a woodruff key loose, possibly from one of the forks, though they seem to both be ok. Any info in this regard would be appreciated, thanks.