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Found 4 results

  1. Is there a way to check the pump pressure on my 1486? I have an engine knock that appears to be fuel related. I have replace the injectors and blown out the return line and still have a knock. Engine will only start with starting fluid. I have already check to make sure timing is correct on pump and flywheel
  2. How do I check my pump timing on a dt436. Bought tractor with issues. Won’t fire without ether, puts out tons of white smoke when I turn it over. It will stay on and run but sounds like it has a fuel knock and pours out white smoke. Running it in the shop with the overhead door open will just about burn your eyes out. I’m wondering if the pump is off 180 degrees. Thx
  3. This past summer I bought a 1486 that my cousins bought new in 77. Before I bought it they let a friend borrow it and he blew it up while using it. It sat for probably 5 or 6 years so I was able to buy it dirt cheap. The engine has never been touched or overhauled. The friend told me that it blew either water or oil out of the exhaust stack and he shut it down right away. So he says. I figured he blew the head gasket and possibly warped the head. I dropped the fluids and oil and water both looked clean. Next I pulled the head and sent it to a machine shop to have it worked over. They told me everything looked good, ground the intake valves a little, replaced the injector sleeves, and whatever else it needed. In the mean time I noticed that the radiator was plugged and calcified so I sent it to a shop to have it rebuilt. I ordered a new water pump and temp sending unit. I reused the old injectors and did not have them tested. I installed new copper washers and dust seals. I replaced the head gasket and set the intake valves to 0.020 and the exhaust valves to 0.025. It has the old cam shaft. The engine when running has a ticking noise and I can’t locate where it’s coming from. Rocker arms are getting oil and look to be running like they should. I notice either fuel or oil running out of the exhaust manifold. I’m thinking of replacing all of the injectors next. Also engine pours out white smoke. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks
  4. I have an 806 with a C301 gas and need some of your help. Before I tell you what's wrong let me give you the background. I purchased this tractor earlier in the year and have put 10-15 hrs on it. It runs a snow blower in the winter and does odds and ends with the loader in the summer. The guy I bought it from told me this, "The previous year it spun a rod bearing, he installed a new crank w/ bearings and away he went. Shortly before looking at the tractor he claimed it developed what sounded like a skirt slapping in the engine. Upon tear down he noticed it was the #1 cylinder and he replaced the piston along with the other 5 sets of rings." It ran great when I looked at it but after 5hrs at home that changed. I noticed a lot of metal in the oil and it began to develop a knock. It started at lower rpms and cold but has progressed to most rpms and all temperatures. The #1 cylinder appears to be the cause as it goes away when you pull the plug wire. At this point I have looked down two cylinders, pulled the pan to make sure everything was still tight and compression on #1 was 140 vs #2 at 145. My question is how far do I go with it not being worked in a field but running a snow blower? I don't want something exiting the side of the block. I know it could be bored out but I'm not sure it is worth it? I'm tearing down this weekend and plan to measure the bores and wrist pin as I suspect those as possible causes.
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