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Found 2 results

  1. Fix and sell or just sell?

    In my other thread, Dad bought the Case 2290. Which means he has no reason beyond sentiment to keep the old 4320. I hate to see it go as it's the tractor I learned and grew up in, but I have no desire to start farming anytime soon. Here's the question, the engine is tired, the hyd pump gets starved for oil and I haven't been able to figure out why as yet. The paint is faded. The cab interior is gone. The trans and brakes have never been touched. If it were your tractor, would you overhaul and fix it up if the idea is to sell it. Or would you adjust the price and sell as is? I figure, the way it sits, someone would give $6-7k for it. Running good, probably $10-12. And you see some of these, fully restored on tractorhouse for $30-40!
  2. Hyd schematic

    Does anybody have a PDF copy of the full tractor hyd schematic, possibly some of the service manual for a JD 4320. It has a new belly pump and a new front pump. It has the common issue of cranking the steering wheel back and forth when trying to start it and it doesn't generate the hyd flow it should at the remotes - it doesn't have enough to keep the planter blower running at low idle - the 3010 has no problem. We've been nursing it along for a couple of seasons, but it's time to figure it out.