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Found 1 result

  1. sandhiller


    The Niobrara is running 1 to 2 foot higher than normal which is very uncommon to be that high for so long but is not causing any problems. This I refer to as the HWY 83 truck wash and is not going down and maybe getting a bit deeper (two months now?) It does keep the underside of the old fuel hauler clean though. Curious as to what the road bed is doing under the highway with all the water pressure from the sides and heavy traffic from above that it gets. (Very busy highway) It is better than HWY 97 south of Merritt Res south of Valentine which is still closed with a stretch that they say is 10 foot under water. North of Cody, a road I take to get to my North hay meadow. You can see a cake bin and to the right where the road takes up again. I will have to take machinery around through the hills to get to my meadow, if the water goes down enough to hay it. Guessing the road is under about 6 foot of water. Here is shot of the cake bin with about 23t of cake still in it. More than likely a total loss by now. This spot was picked for the bin because it was easily accessible by semi. Never would have dreamed it could be under water. Further on, the main road crossing the Little White River had this 12' or 14' tube wash out And the temporary bridge they put in for through traffic. Local traffic only but we will use it for our grass rigs if we get mutual aided to Vetal SD or the Rosebud rez. Not sure I would want to cross it with the 5t 6x6's though. (Mike I know from your pictures you don't need no stinking bridges and would just bail off into this little stream. I'm not as brave as you are)😄 I hope you guys in the East are faring better. I hear the snow melt has started in earnest in Colorado and that water is coming. Talked to a guy from east of Denver said they were skiing on the 4th of July, in bikinis no less. 😋 Still a lot of roads closed in the Sandhills region and i know of at least one ranch headquarters that is only accessible by boat. We are used to water moving down through our sand into the Ogallala aquifer fairly quickly. For it to stay above ground this long is really uncommon.
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