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Found 4 results

  1. There is my rebuilted and restored 80 combine. I put a pickup reel this year I include a video , sorry for quality, its hard to film and run the machine in the same time! https://youtu.be/kbeefDy9RT0
  2. I picked up this IH 3800 Industrial Backhoe Last week.. Doesn't run well. Pretty smokey with strong unburnt fuel smell.. Almost like there is a exhaust valve open.. Have valve cover gaskets ordered so can get in there and check it out and adjust the valves if needed. I just got in the Owner, parts and engine service manuals (D282).. Looking for a transmission manual and injection pump manual and if possible a brake master cylinder manual (MICO) The machine had a fine layer of what I assume is dried oil and dirt which is about 1/8" thick over everywhere under the machine. I've taken a 4400psi pressure washer to it and the stuff is stuck on really, really well.. I started to think it's some sort of undercoating.. I have never seen such tenacious grime is that is the case.. I then went thru and greased every fitting I could find with Mobil CMM moly grease. The paint is really nice and shiny under the stuff. I am in need of a transmission filter and hydraulic filter. Any known dealers for Industrial IH products left? I started a facebook group.. There is nearly no information on these really cool machines..
  3. Hello everyone, my brother and I are working on restoring an International 1944 UD-14 power unit. Does anyone know where I could find a pdf of the owners manual? We have the service manuals but would really like to own the owners/operators. If anyone has any rare info on this these D461 engines or (especially) the UD-14 also I would be ecstatic. First time poster so I believe it wont allow me to post pictures yet.
  4. This is a restoration project that one of my students completed. He is currently entered in the National Tractor Restoration Competition put on by Delo. He worked all through out the school year to complete this project. We could use some help in part of the contest by getting some votes for his video. You can go to the following link and vote for his tractor. Thanks in advance for your help! we are planning to restore an F12 this coming school year along with a few other (green) tractors! Thanks for all the info on the forum. We have found answers to questions we have had by the stuff posted on here. http://www.delotrcvoting.com/Voting Dillon Bradbury Agriscience Teacher & FFA Advisor Grand Prairie ISD Grand Prairie, TX
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