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Found 2 results

  1. Newby here just got a 500 dozer with diesel motor. Tractor starts run drives but need brake bands and I suppose clutches replaced while im in there. I need to replace filters and fluids also. I have a service manual ordered but hasn't arrived yet. I have read thru archives to learn as much about this thing as possible. My filters are all from napa with numbers on them, but im concerned about the hydraulic filter under the clutch pedal. Mine is a napa 1452 screw on filter yet I have read on here filters weren't available for this anymore. So should I not use this filter anymore? Also im having an issue with the reverser weak, if blade is down as if to back drag it wont reverse. Forward seems very strong. Full throttle and blade up mine will sluggishly reverse. The trans shifter has a R marked along with 1-5 forward gears yet it wont reverse when shifted to R. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advanced....David
  2. Hello, It has been sometime since I posted, but I figured I would give an update on my project. It has been a long one, constantly delayed due to work, other projects and weather, rebuilding an engine in a open sided shed during the winter is not the most pleasant. loaded onto the trailer when I first got her Last August I pulled the engine on my 1966 IH 500, due to finding camshaft parts lying on the bottom of the oil pan. After pulling the engine I was able to order most parts from Fawcett.ca, including new pistons, camshaft, crank shaft and bearings etc. Then everything sat until a few months ago when I resumed disassembly of the engine Make shift sleeve puller I forgot to take photos during the installation of the internals. new items are: New camshaft, crankshaft, all new bearings, cylinder sleeves, pistons, water pump, rings and one new con rod. Inspected the oil pump and all looked good and to spec. the head was sent to the shop to check checked out and tuned up. I had issues with the new cam bearings during install, they ended up being slightly too small. I had to send it to the shop so they could line bore the bearings. now with some paint
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