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Found 1 result

  1. So guys, As most of you know, I replicate some large outdoor IH dealer signs. Some are backlit and some are not. I've been in contact for a month now with the Marketing Director at CNH in Racine about their purchase of one of my 24 x 96 red pylon LED lighted wall signs. They are building a large indoor static display in Racine as part of their 175 year celebration and a historical review of their product lines. They understand that finding a real NOS backlit sign for their display would take awhile and likely be cost prohibitive. So, they want to go "replica" with one of mine that many of you have seen at RPRU and HCOP the past few years at my show booth. OK, that's cool, no worries, I can help with that. It's a straight up purchase and I help them hang it. So after we get the sign details hashed out I ask her if they is anything else she could use some assistance with for this display. She says, "yes, I'm looking for a few IH tractors now". I say, "do you have the last issue of Red Power Magazine?". "Why yes I do and I see you have a tractor on the cover" is her reply. So we chat about my dads tractor and how it could be part of their future display (if) that is the direction that they want to go and (if) they choose my tractor. Then she says, "this display will be there several years before it is changed around". "Whoever we borrow a tractor(s) from, this will be for awhile." So some questions for you guys as this is all new territory for me. If you had the opportunity to have one of your restored tractors to be part of a large corporate or museum display for several years what would be some items for contractual discussion so I cover my bases up front. Again, this is a "borrow it for display" scenario and no transfer of ownership. This is 50/50 at best that they would choose my tractor this point in time but, I want my ducks in a row before I sign on for this, should it happen to fall my way. I have no problem with CNH wanting to display this tractor in a climate controlled environment for a few years. How would you handle it if it were your tractor on the request line?