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Found 1 result

  1. Getting ready to go to my sons wedding rehearsal. Pager went off, two car accident 7 miles west. Left family, jumped in C4, lit it up and headed for accident. Two car head on, hill and curve. One car on the highway, one car beside it in the ditch. Never seen a head on where both cars came to rest so close to each other. 20 feet apart. Cannot imagine the violent impact. Some first responders on scene by the time I got there. I talked to the driver of one car. She was out and sitting in a chair. She seemed ok. Went to the next car, driver was out and crying. I got ahold of her and helped her into a chair. She looked at me and said "Jeff, how is my brother"? She was the girlfriend of one of my sons friends. It made this call personal. It hit me, I can't describe the feeling. I hugged her and let her cry. When she had calmed down some, I told her I needed to help her brother who was trapped in the car. I spelled an EMT holding the boys head. For an hour with our heads under a blanket to shield from glass and metal as they cut the roof, side pillar and pushed the dash panel off his legs to free him. I'm no EMT, all I could do was talk to him. Try to relax, concentrate on your breathing, slow it down. You're doing great. You got the best people in the world getting you out of this. I talked to him for a solid hour I was told as I tried to keep him from moving. I think he heard me as he responded to my talk. He tried to move his head and arms but had no strength. Twice he had the death rattle. (Anyone who has watched a calf die, knows what this is). I feel I talked him back, while they were working to free him. Got the side of the car cut away and the back of the seat removed, backboard in position and finally got him out. Life Flight met the Rescue Unit and flew him out. Talked to EMT said they almost lost him on the way but got him on the chopper alive. This kid was busted up bad. I know I'm not supposed to talk about this stuff, not my first bad accident, fatalities, seen em. But when that little girl looked up at me and called me by name, I melted. I don't have what it takes. You EMT's are true professionals, I'm a dumb rancher on a volunteer fire department. We put out grass fires. But we answer every emergency call no matter what. Thank God for the responders that came from 4 towns, 50 miles away. Better extrication tools than we had and a top notch Rescue Unit. We pulled the one car off the road and hosed it clean do they could let traffic move again. Wife waited for me and we made it to the rehearsal dinner but this one will be with me for a little while. You men and women who are EMT's, I could never come close to carrying your water. Thank you for all you do and May God bless each and every one of you.
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