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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, I have an IH 544 Utility Gear drive tractor which has been experiencing slow hydraulics. In the past I was able to top up the fluid and they would work again but not as fast as they should be, today the hydraulics were very weak on remote valves(attached to loader) and the power steering was choppy and loud. The hand pump seems to make a loud whine most of the time and it did not want to turn smoothly, it seemed to pulse as I was trying to turn it.(turn. stop. hydraulic pulse. turn more. stop. pulse again. repeat until turn complete or turned all the way) The steering also was more difficult to turn while standing still vs moving. I'm guessing the hydro filter needs to be replaced but what else should I check? And is there anything else I should clean or check when I'm in there? Is there a relief or unloader valve that could be stuck open? Thanks in advance!
  2. My 1066's (5600 hrs) rear hydraulics went out, no remote power or 3 pt power. I have the hitch pump out of it now. The seals were intact, just a bit smashed. I have new seals to change it out, but if that doesnt work. I will probably get a new pump, though all of the pumps i have found with the part numbers that i have, have two ports and mine only has one. So its throwing me off a bit. So I guess i am asking, if i change the o-rings and put it back in and it still doesnt work, is it the pump? or do i look at another part? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Folks, Appreciate there are a number of posts on this one, but struggling to find the solution. Steering on my 475 (Perkins engine for the UK only) was nice and light, then whilst moving a cart, i moved to full lock and heard a pop. After that, the steering became incredibly heavy and hard to turn with little effect. I've popped out the flow diverter valve and it appears in good condition (photo attached). It was moving freely and i could pull it out with my little finger wedged in the end. I presume there isn't meant to be an O-ring in what looks like an O-ring groove? (my pick is pointing at it in the photo). With the front axle on stands the problem persists (no improvement) and i can't see any external leaks on the orbital. It does sound like something like a relief valve is relieving when i turn the steering but can't yell which one. Could this be the orbital unit itself, the steering cylinder or something else? I have picked up a new orbital from a scrap tractor, but don't want to start fitting it without being sure since it's a lot of work to get in there! any help much appreciated, thanks, Michael Thanks Michael
  4. Hello all, New member here, i am hoping some of y'all can provide some answers for me. I have a international 454 diesel that is the main tractor on my small beef cattle operation. The hydraulics are very weak. They will only lift a load at full throttle and when the tractor has warmed up it will lift extremely slow if at all. The remotes are the same, power steering and pto don't seem to be affected. However I have had everything quite altogether when running it and after shutting it off for a little bit it went back to working. Any ideas or suggestions? I'm thinking I need to replace or rebuild the hydraulic pump. The parking brake doesn't work so there might be some junk in the oil, but is that the only problem? Thanks for your time.
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