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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to tractors and got a 1982 IH384 with a 3pt woodsplitter. I'm going to try my best to explain so bare with me.. haha. My problem is I never thought to ask the person I bought it from about hooking up the woodsplitter (was just excited to have a tractor) and though it would be simple which I'm sure it is I just want to know how to operate it properly so I don't mess anything up. I know I hook it to the 2 outlets at the back of the tractor but I'm not sure which one is in and which is out or if that even matters? The other thing is the 2 outlets that are at the back are also connected to another isolation valve (or i think thats what it is called) and i'm guessing in order to use the woodsplitter this needs to be held back or tied as it looks like that's what he did? I added a pic with some captions to possibly help. Thanks to everyone in advance who trys to help me figure this out.
  2. My 1066's (5600 hrs) rear hydraulics went out, no remote power or 3 pt power. I have the hitch pump out of it now. The seals were intact, just a bit smashed. I have new seals to change it out, but if that doesnt work. I will probably get a new pump, though all of the pumps i have found with the part numbers that i have, have two ports and mine only has one. So its throwing me off a bit. So I guess i am asking, if i change the o-rings and put it back in and it still doesnt work, is it the pump? or do i look at another part? Thanks in advance.
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