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Found 3 results

  1. Just picked up this tractor for a project. I'll need to fix some wiring in the cab and I am hoping someone here may have a resource to help with the schematics. I was told it had the 13 speed Roadranger, but I believe it is a Fuller 10 speed. Tips and tricks, helpful advice other than "sell it" is gladly accepted.
  2. Talked to a customer. Has split rims on the rear of an F12 or F14 ( he has some demensia). Wants to do away with the split rear rims and go to standard rims. Not sure if they are 36 or 38 (again, some demensia). Will a drop center H or M rim fit on the F12 or F14 centers? Or would cast centers from an H fit on the F12 or F14 axles? I appreciate your insights. Thanks!
  3. Okay so I have a 686 d312 gear drive. Well I bought a reman starter for it well it just grinds I took the drive off the old starter and swapped it still just grinds. They are both 10 teeth. I’ve checked ring gear it’s fine. I know that the 666 are mostly the same tractor as the 686 but my research shows they use a 12 teeth starter. My question is why is it just grinding, should I buy a 12 teeth starter like a 666. I wonder if the guy before me had the same problems and didn’t count the teeth and stuck a 10 on it. Just need to get this figured out. I’ve never seen it work. I can say that every once an again it’ll catch and start to crank but then just grinds. All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sawyer
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