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Found 1 result

  1. heres teh scoop - my buddy started taking care of some property for a neighbor that lives out of state appx 25yrs ago - batwing mowing - discing - edge feathering - controlled burns to maintain CRP requirements for the owner. We are talking 170acrs of CRP - there was a misunderstanding of rules/trees and lack of communication that has ended up in a serious situation. I have been helping him maintain it in the last 10 yrs or so by driving his tractor/batwing or taking mine over and mowing - we also split the rental of a front mount brush cutter for my SS as there are several acres of black locusts that are VERY invasive and they had gotten away from him - that is when my SS blew a hose and caught on fire and burned up - bad deal - NOW the locusts have grown back, he didnt take care of a 25 acre piece because of access which we wont go into that - i called him out on it - it has CEDARs that are 12yrs + old and other misc brush/trees - I have had two people look at it to give me bids/idea what to do with it. Here is where we are at - both bidders are thinking 20 to 25K to remove the cedars then mow the remaining acreage where trees have grown up - we are talking prob 35 acres of trees/brush at least and possibly up to 40 - all of that will have to be mowed with a brush mulcher of some sort on a SS or something that wont puncture tires due to all the thorns and stobs from locust and hedge. Most if not all is too big for a Tractor w/batwing and I would NEVER drive my stuff through it and neither would the guy that bid it. One guy is our neighbor up home that I grew up with/worked for his dad on their farm, and still farms/share crops our row crop ground. He shot me straight and said he would not even do anything or waste any time/money until it was ALL killed out with brush killer, he said a helicopter is the only way to get that done. Do any of you know what they charge for helicopter spraying? is it per acre like a spray rig and then aerial fees or ? Anyone had spraying with helicopter done that has any idea? I am think probably 5 to 10K or maybe im totally off base? I have called an AGRI spray company and they said they cant use their spray rigs on it and will have to get bids from a helicopter guy they use. So my buddy/land owner is looking at 30 to 35K is what we are thinking to get this all cleaned up to the extent we could possibly maintain it going forward - owner has 2 yrs to get cleaned up before the CRP contract is up and they have said its either cleaned up before a new contract will be considered or she will be looking at penalties when they go to pay her and inspect. My perspective is I need to inform the owner this will be another yr or two of spraying to keep the trees under control especially those black locusts that try to come back - it will also have to be mowed with a SS where we do all this becuase of the thorns/stobs that will be left behind. The owner is not aware its this bad and will take this kind of $$ to get it back in shape. Yes my buddy is a lot to blame for this situation and is concerned he might be sued. That is another deal. I have taken over communications with the owner and will be maintaining it going forward. I am just looking at teh proper bidding to get my ducks in a row before he drops the bomb on this situation. I asked him to do it because he is at fault, he has agreed last time we talked. I think my buddy will be delivering the news and me on the conf call to help field the explosion and see what happens. He has to own this and deal with the fallout. I am just trying to help the owner do it right going forward. My buddy is overwhelmed with other things in life right now so cant keep up with it. What are your thoughts on the spraying costs?
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