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Found 1 result

  1. I need to rant. The last 2 days we have been planting beans. Not great conditions but good enough for as late as it is. We have a 100 acres of beans to go and with the weather who knows when we will finish up. Been a struggle all spring. Noon today we were planting beans when a thunderstorm blew up over our heads. Seed beans uncovered in the seed wagon. Bad enough right. No, it barely rained. We had a straight hailstorm of golf ball sized hail for over 5 minutes. We tried to cover the wagon but it got to hailing so hard we ducked into the pickup truck. 3 year old pickup truck beat up, My car dented all up, Girlfriend's car dented all up. Holes knocked in the fiberglass skylights on my pole barn. The only good thing is the tractors faired better. One broken headlight lense on one Magnum out of 4 tractors out in the storm. Lense can be easily fixed. (Worklight under the cab). Corn faired fine and it centered around my farm. The Home farm didn't get any hail. I know for those of you that live on the plains yawn at hail like this but here in Southern Michigan we rarely see hail of this size, or that much for that matter. This is only the second time in my life ive ever seen hail of this size. I know its material things but im really bummed about my vehicle. 2002 Chevy Trailblazer. Ive had it for 8 years and have kept meticulous care of it. No dents, paint scratches all this time and now this. I have a feeling insurance isn't going to want to put a lot of money into a 17 year old car and im not in a position for a new car right now. You try to have nice things and at the end of the day around here somedays it seems you still end up with stuff that looks like it survived the Battle of the Bulge. The pictures don't really show the dents really well. They look worse in person. That hail stone in the picture had shrunk to that size as it had been laying on the ground over a hour at that point. I know that those of you dealing with flooding have it worse and i apologize but like I said i needed to rant.
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