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Found 1 result

  1. I have a modest stable of 3 old IH tractors and a stationary engine. I'm rebuilding both magnetos now. 1) 1950 C with distributor and electric start and lights. I inherited this one. It's possible the electric start was added later. In fact the C either didn't have a starter, or had a bad starter when I was a kid because I remember my father crank starting it. We bought him a starter for Christmas one year. I don't know if he replaced a bad one, or installed where there wasn't one. I also don't know if he switched from a mag to a distributor at the same time. I also don't know when the 12v conversion was, but it was a home job (no wiring harness). 2) 1949 OS-4 with H4 magneto and electric start and lights 3) 1945 OS-6 with distributor and electric start and lights 4) 1945-ish LA Engine with H1 magneto Question 1) Since tractors were ordered/offered with magnetos or distributors for several overlapping years, what drove the contemporary decision on whether to order a machine with magneto or distributor? I've read some people's guesses that with crank start, most customers would order the magneto. However all of my tractors have electric start including the one with a mag. It is possible however that electric start was added later for all of them. Question 2) I'm rebuilding the H1 mag for the LA, which is about identical to the H4 mag on the tractors. I want to clean the housing. What do you recommend for cleaning/degreasing the cast aluminum housing? It's pretty soft stuff. I think I marked it up just rubbing off the serial number. Question 3) Were magnetos painted? I'm inquiring both on the stationary engine and on the tractors. It seems strange to me to paint cast aluminum. Question 4) How often are coils failed? The points/condenser kits are reasonable, but the coils are expensive. I'd rather not buy them if not necessary Question 5) How does one test a coil? Presumably resistance? What would be a "good" resistance (or other metric) on an H1 or H4 mag?
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