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Found 1 result

  1. I'm going to be long winded here so bear with me. last winter the starter fell out of my 6.5 diesel, broke the bolts off, im not sure the starter needed replacing, but I did anyway. used a Napa rebuild, new bolts, and away she went, the new starter every so often would click after glow plugging, but recycling the key it would turn over with gusto, it had a leaking frost plug in the block that was drooling on the starter, it went in to my mechanic where it sat for the better part of a week for the frost plug and turbo issues when they went to start it it arced and sparked and smoked, turns out the terminal was cracked on the cable at the starter, which may have happened when it fell out the first time. since I got it back its been a few rounds of when I go to start it makes one click, but no crank, sometimes after repeated attempts it goes when it goes it cranks over with gusto, last Thursday it was single digits and I had to be somewhere, no go. 🤬. I took the starter loose and laying on the frame with the cables hooked it spun over, I put it back on and away it went. today I drove it all day, couple trips back and forth, lets say 12 starts, all no problem I get in to go to my fire meeting and get a click, one click per key cycle. I start chasing grounds, it has dual batteries, 2 ground cables on each battery, one to the frame, one to the block respectively, I took each off, cleaned it and its mounting surface and reattached, no go. took the starter off, everything clean and tight, new cable to it, spins off the truck but not on. where do I go from here, I can chuck another starter at it, it would be under warranty, I have a local rebuilder that I REALLY like and hes quite quick to turn it around the starter has a ground ear on it so I may run another extra ground wire to that but the fact that when it turns over it does so with lots of enthusiasm suggests to me that its ground connection is sufficient. batteries are 1 year old and both test fine. thoughts?
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