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Found 1 result

  1. 7240 High EGT's

    I was doing some chiseling last week with the 7240 and 5500 chisel plow. This tractor has always seemed to me to have high EGT's compared to other Magnums I've run. I was going 10" deep, it pulled it easy enough in 10th gear but EGT & coolant temps were too high for me to be comfortable with. I shifted down to 9th and they backed off. A little later I went back to 10th but backed off the throttle to keep my ground speed where it was in 9th (about 2150 RPM, IIRC). At that speed, EGT & coolant temp stayed where they had been in 9th. A little later I found out I must need a new fuel sender in the bottom tank because with three bars on the fuel gauge she died. I suspected being out of fuel so I jumped out to open the hood and pump the primer a few times, confirming no fuel there. When I looked up, I noticed the exhaust housing of the turbo was glowing a bright cherry red. I put new bearings & injectors in the tractor when I bought it, around 8200 hours. I replaced the injector pump due to leaks around the 8500 hour mark. The new pump is set at stock +10%. The tractor now has around 8900 hours. To my knowledge the top end has never been opened up. I had the radiator out & cleaned at a radiator shop because I always felt it ran too warm. Any ideas or suggestions what to check? The tractor is mainly used for tillage & baling cornstalks. TIA, Ron