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Found 2 results

  1. With the vast knowledge here I figured I'd ask before I tore it apart. It's a 10 HP horizontal shaft L head single on a generator. It was sitting running fine and stopped. It started back up right away but is shaking badly. Ignition is strong and since it starts so easily I doubt it sheared the flywheel key, common on lawn mowers when they strike something. Carburetor looks fine, nothing clogged, needle works as it should. Cranking compression is 90 psi. I suspect it probably has a centrifugal compression release on the cam. The shaking is so severe on the rubber mounts that gas is shaken out of the float bowl vent. With the air filter in place that gas gets sucked back in causing it to be rich, which made me suspect a sunken float, but it's OK. I don't know how it couples to the generator but I'm wondering if something failed there causing a great out of balance condition. Any ideas? I'll pull it tomorrow and separate it from the generator tomorrow.
  2. I recently put a test to my generator on the super h. It will spin fine, will put out good voltage when you manually ground the field coils for a moment. I would get up to 30v so I knew everything internally was good. All wires are in good continuity. Problem was I has having low output according to my amp gauge. I found through some messing around my gauge was good, and didn't need replaced. So I purchased a new voltage regulator. Now, I had only three amps charge and very little charging volts, 6.5dcv. I cleaned the contacts, no difference, and remeasured gaps, no change. So, I did a ton of talk and research and finally found that the tension on my points in the regulator was not enough. The coils needed to build more voltage to pull against the spring, this raising the charge volts and amps. Incase anyone wants to know, you have to increase the spring tension double points arm. In mine it's the top one in the picture.
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