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Found 2 results

  1. New to me pickup.

    Following a pickup, deer accident with my 1997 F250, a replacement was necessary. My wife wanted a 4 door so the family can travel with me to shows/ rides in comfort. Sorry that it is not red, but the engine is IH!
  2. Got my 06 Ranger in the shop for a brake check. It needs new ones. They want $650 for all 4. I think thats high but these are the original brakes so OK, I guess Ill let them do this. But here is what shocked me. They want to also drain and flush the 5 spd tranny, rear end and xfer case with the tranny at $220 and another $140 for the rear end! I didnt let him talk about the xfer case cause it recently was replaced. So... is this guy nuts? Do you actually have to take of the pan and "FLUSH" them? I have never ONCE had this done . Truck is a 4X4 that just turned 100,000. You tell me!