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Found 1 result

  1. i have been waiting for a couple weeks now for my manual to arrive, i watch the tracking from time to time to see it moving around out there but it hasn't arrived yet. i just got some time to drain fluids and change filters and i have more questions than answers. 1. see some saying gear oil in the rear end and trans and HyTran in the torque converter. some say Hytran everywhere. also it seems that the hydraulic system and the shuttle/ trans system are totally separate on this machine, if so do i use hytran in the hydraulic system or do i use just plain old R+O ? its pretty milky and i would like to get the water worked out of it. 2. where the heck is the hydraulic filter? is there one? i have crawled all around this thing and don't find it. i have a new one, so i assume one exists but i cant find it anywhere. 3. i have heard 22 or 24 gallon hydraulic fluid capacity for this thing, is that 12 or so in the loader frame for hydraulics, and the rest in the shuttle/rear end? is that 22 or so in the hydraulics and the rest is another figure? 4 as far as draining the shuttle there are a couple drain plugs right in the bell housing area, do i just pull them then refill under the floor boards? IIRC there is a drain plug on the torque converter itself on the 580K, is the B like that? had to get a special tool to turn in on the K to get the drain plug at the bottom. 5. and this may be a silly question, oil that is in cylinders and lines, does it, like brake fluid just stay there once its there? for instance the actual oil in the boom cylinder, does it change itself out as the machine is used? or once it has filled up after being serviced or installed does it keep the same old oil in there so trapped contaminants wont ever work their way out? ( this is something i have always pondered on all types of equipment) 6. this seems to have a power steering pump, is it yet another system that needs changing? does it have a filter? and what should i be using in it? i sure ill have more questions, but theres only so much daylight today. Iwill also add that things I have read mention dipsticks ahead of and behind the transmission shifters, as well as fill plugs, if there are dipsticks on mine the are attached to the fill plugs. because there is nothing sticking up there.
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