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Found 3 results

  1. Next door neighbor of my Dad's, IH family - eveything with their farming is red, good honest mechanic and a stand up guy. I haven't heard what started it, but his shop burned on Saturday afternoon. The building is leveled, there was a newer combine, semi, their pulling tractor, a bunch of customer vehicles and a lifetime of accumulated tools and toys in the building. Steve went back in trying to save customer cars, but pushed his luck a little too far. He suffered some serious burns and they have him in an induced coma at a burn unit in the Twin Cities. It will be weeks before we know how well he will recover and if he'll be able to work again. So he needs all the prayers he can get, and the first people who stopped on the scene have set up a Go Fund Me page to donate, as there is no telling what the future will bring. https://www.gofundme.com/Steves-repair News story, http://www.fox9.com/news/fire-destroy-repair-shop-in-nowthen-minn
  2. Neighbor/cousins bi-directional just burned up. Could have been a lot worse because it was parked right next to their 6030.
  3. My brother's FIL is an independent JD mechanic and farms fairly small. He is the type of guy who would help anyone with anything and always parks his own equipment to work on something for a customer. I have known him for years being a small town community and other than being a fan of a different color of tractor I think the world of this guy. Last night his shop caught fire and exploded, loosing everything. His service truck burned along with the shop. No one was hurt. The fire department showed up in 8 minutes and it was too late. I don't like asking for anything but he could use your thoughts and prayers in this Thanksgiving season. Another thing I would ask is if anyone knows where I could get service manuals on the different series of JD machines I would appreciate a heads up. This was his living and as we all know, the dealership type of service manuals are hard to find. I am willing to pay and would love to find something to bring a little happiness for him. If you have anything or just "know a guy" I would really appreciate checking on this for me. Thank You all, Todd
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