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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I'll thank anyone in advance who can help me out. I want to help my Aunt sell my late Uncle's tractor. In his last few years his speech was impaired by a stroke so the info I could get from him when he was alive was limited, and my own knowledge of tractors is pretty limited. It's a Farmall M, with my understanding a later model 6 cylinder Super M engine swapped in, and it was used by my Uncle for pulling events. The transmission cover has "3 26 K" on it which I understand would be a 1941(?) The engine block has the following casting: 373544R41, or the last digit could be a 7. Would that be a Super M engine, and if so what year? I want to list this for sale and want to represent it as accurately as possible. A link with some photos is provided. Also, the alternator would indicate it has been upgraded to 12 volts, correct? Also, if anyone wants to chime in on value or knows anyone that might be interested in this tractor, please let me know. It's not currently running, but appears as if all it needs is a fuel filter/reconnect fuel line and a battery. Located in Morris County, NJ. Thanks!
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  3. Hello all Ive recently installed a newer style oil pressure gauge on my M so i can see my exact PSI. Im idiling at 50 psi but here is my question. I only use the tractor for pulling so about 2 or 3 times a month. And when i start it it takes about 8 seconds for the gauge to climb,but once it goes it goes fast. Is that 8 seconds of little oil psi ok? When i checked the base plate on the oil pump last winter i was superised at how little wear there was on it compared to all the pictures ive seen on the web. None at all really. I think everyt hing is ok im just not sure about the pump taking so long to get me pressure
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