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Found 8 results

  1. Farmall M Governor Removal

    So I'm wanting to remove my governor from my 1952 Farmall M, its a M&W G-11 Governor. My question is I am trying to remove it without completely dismantling the tractor. I have pulled the 3 bolts attaching it, disconnected it from the carburetor and cylinder head. However I am having trouble removing it, seems as though the gear is hanging up on the plate. Almost like the gear is bigger diameter then the hole. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hello all Ive recently installed a newer style oil pressure gauge on my M so i can see my exact PSI. Im idiling at 50 psi but here is my question. I only use the tractor for pulling so about 2 or 3 times a month. And when i start it it takes about 8 seconds for the gauge to climb,but once it goes it goes fast. Is that 8 seconds of little oil psi ok? When i checked the base plate on the oil pump last winter i was superised at how little wear there was on it compared to all the pictures ive seen on the web. None at all really. I think everyt hing is ok im just not sure about the pump taking so long to get me pressure
  3. Sidehill hitch.

    Anyone have pics of a sidehill hitch on their Farmall M?I have one thats 90%complete but missing something.
  4. Sidehill hitch.

    Anyone have pics of a sidehill hitch on their Farmall M?I have one thats 90%complete but missing something.
  5. I am currently in the process of rebuilding a Farmall M engine and was wondering about running a used cam with used followers from a different engine? I've always heard this is a no-no on a non-roller follower automotive engines; once the cam and followers are run together, they are supposed to be mated for life. Does this hold true for tractor engines, too? I really don't want to shell out $180 per follower for new ones if I don't need to, but I don't want to end up with a flat cam, either. Anyone had them re-surfaced? Thanks.
  6. Wht to do?

    Boy now I have the options! As I've stated the SIL got that 706. Runs but needs some carb work but I have blown snow with it. Now that it's here and I can use it as/when needed I don't need the M for what to do? Hang onto it? Sell it? Get the wife's cousin to run it through his crusher? What would you do? Tin is straight. Needs new rear rubber. Could use a little paint..............OK a lot! Runs great! Rick
  7. 14.9x38 vs 15.5.38

    I bought a Farmall M with bald 14.9x38 tires ,with one new rim.Tire guy says 14.9x38 are expensive and hard to come by.I want the tractor to set level and look good.We pull trailer plows with our tractors too.I really only wanna by one rim.Should I get 15.5x38s or 13.6x38s?Any help appreciated.
  8. I was wondering if anyone on here would have the manual/installation instructions for a Heisler 9 Speed for a Farmall M? I would be looking to get either a copy of it or pictures of it, if possible. I would be more than happy to reimburse someone for the time and effort. I've tried my usual manual sources, and haven't had any luck finding one that I could buy. Thanks.