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Found 1 result

  1. I'm at a crossroads on the H and I need some clarification. Over the winter the H went through a fairly comprehensive rear-end rebuild to replace the inner axle bearings. Top cover came off, brake housings off, bull gears and differential removed. Replaced all of the bearings, gaskets and seals. Along with a few other parts that were damaged when the bearings failed. Top cover went back on, tractor back together and filled her with gear oil. Then the input seals started leaking. carefully took out the input assembly, yoke, both bearings, gears, and rebuilt/replaced. Bearings had a lot of wear. All that is left is the output drive for the lift all pump, it leaks, the seal is shot. I have tried every combination of ideas to remove it. Spent multiple hours on google and reading threads. We made the socket/barstock tool for the impact. Still stuck. In the end I still don't know for sure. Is the Transmission side drive/nut threaded like a conventional nut? Do I remove it by turning counter clockwise? Is the drive/nut on the belly pump reverse threaded? After reading multiple threads on various forums I am left with conflicting information. My next step (Tomorrow) is to lock the brakes, put it in gear, block the tires and try again. I need any ideas/suggestions I can get