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Found 1 result

  1. Back on late January decided to trace down this loud tick in engine . sounded like a really bad lifter. ran the valves , checked all injectors still ticking , pulled head and #4 sleeve was dancing up and down. So decided to do an in frame , rolled in new bearings etc , all new hoses , water pump , new radiator, old was pretty rough , new wire harness , alternator , dash cluster replaced . Removed 15.5 x38 and replaced new rims and new 18.4x38 was worried if we could maintain 30 inch rows but after moving in fenders and reverse wheel as it was and rim on second rib it made it. I removed to old generic weights and will replace with IH split rear weights . Clutch was holding good but could not adjust any feather into it , it was either on or off. So guess what A split ! Flywheel was pretty well used up along with pressure plate, so flywheel ring gear and clutch replaced . Mechanically I cannot think of anything else. Oh , Devon furnished a rebuilt seat suspension and new seat . Hopefully all I have left is front weight bracket and four weights and we painted the white side panels and Jeff furnished the emblems . And a good wax on existing red and I should be set to either cut beans or parade this thing. BTW , back view ,no three point arms or hitch , They are in shed . Black eye bean plant loves to grab anything and tangle , so anything that would catch was taken off. I am going to cheat and put my old man K&M steps on ,but no way they would stay on there if going to field. If God willing and creek don't rise it's in the plan to take it to South Dakota RPRU in 2020 . Howard mentioned, he wanted something unique to California , Bean cutter and yellow IH three wire baler is all I have . Doubt I'll take the baler ,wont be finished. The rest of my toys are just versions of what you Guys have . Tony
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