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Found 1 result

  1. My latest challenge

    Some of you may remember my topic from way back regarding employee problems. As I only have 1, I felt I could resolve the issues. I was wrong. He was here 16 yrs. He is 48. Cut him loose a few weeks ago which made us both happier. He`ll have a year of unemployment to get settled which is great. It`ll take me longer than that to get shop re-organized to where I had it before he came. ANYHO, a local "auto tech" student came to me asking for work THE SAME DAY! Talk about timing! He has 1 & 1/4 years of his 2 yr program completed. Boy is sluggish/overweight/victim of bullying and VERY close to his divorced mother. He`s helping/learning after school each day for a couple hours. It hasn`t taken me long to realize that if this young man and I are going to gel, I need to talk to his Mom. We talked yesterday and she gave me the "OK" to start implementing what I think are necessary rules/ethics/behaviors necessary for us to be in the same building among dangerous tools that can be used as weapons. This "before you grab a wrench" training will begin today. I am very disappointed in our local "tech" school for not teaching this young man more in this year and a quarter. He has never used/heard of a torque stick, has never struck an arc, tried breaking the bead on a tire WITHOUT removing valve stem, is not familiar with a scan tool. I told his mother of this and she wants to speak with his instructor which I asked her NOT to do. Would like to speak to him myself. I know his teacher personally and he is a GREAT technician but I feel he lacks teaching/sharing/patience skills needed. I know each class/group has their 'ace" students and their "a$$" students. They concentrate on the ace`s to groom for the big dealerships but I feel this young man has fallen into the cracks. I might need some prayers to guide me through this issue I have taken on but I do NOT wanna throw this boy to the wolves as his mother says he LOVES working here...sigh.