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Found 4 results

  1. RustyNumbat

    A TD35 in Australia

    G'day all, New member here from south western Australia! (a mostly green and pleasant part of the country, compared to the typical outback people think of, with plenty of livestock and miscelaneous crop farming) Between myself and my English brother in law we have an interest and collection of vintage machines, among them are an Inter AOS6 tractor and my own McCormick Deering TD35 TracTractor! The TD35 is not very common in Australia, and I was pretty pleased when my dad phoned me to let me know he secured it at auction for me. (A very well known and respected bloke named Tony Palethorpe had passed away, he was an International man through and through and the clearing sale was massive.) Anyway, she runs well enough and has a large "cocky kit" hydraulic blade fitted. It also has a truck radiator instead of the original, and as such can only run for about 30 minutes before starting to overheat, we hope to find a better radiator. Not much chance of finding an original at all here in Aus. Highlights of our mis-adventures with it so far include replacing the fuel pump gaskets with the wrong gauge of paper, leading to the engine trying to run away, me nearly getting it bogged nose first during my first serious use of it to clear scrub, the exhaust and part of the exhaust manifold snapping off at the point of an old weld repair, now fixed with gasket seal paste and a hose clamp. Anyway, here's a few photos and a link to our YouTube video! Looking forwards to hanging around here and learning a bit more! Oh and can anyone let me know which other International machines might have compatible parts for the TD35? My brother in law thought the W40 might have a few... If anyone could tell me more about the TD35, any mechanical quirks and whatnot, it would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Bd154

    IH 500 build

    Hello, It has been sometime since I posted, but I figured I would give an update on my project. It has been a long one, constantly delayed due to work, other projects and weather, rebuilding an engine in a open sided shed during the winter is not the most pleasant. loaded onto the trailer when I first got her Last August I pulled the engine on my 1966 IH 500, due to finding camshaft parts lying on the bottom of the oil pan. After pulling the engine I was able to order most parts from, including new pistons, camshaft, crank shaft and bearings etc. Then everything sat until a few months ago when I resumed disassembly of the engine Make shift sleeve puller I forgot to take photos during the installation of the internals. new items are: New camshaft, crankshaft, all new bearings, cylinder sleeves, pistons, water pump, rings and one new con rod. Inspected the oil pump and all looked good and to spec. the head was sent to the shop to check checked out and tuned up. I had issues with the new cam bearings during install, they ended up being slightly too small. I had to send it to the shop so they could line bore the bearings. now with some paint
  3. Title says it all if it crawls or its got tracks lets check it out These just happen to be all Henry's Fords to start out with
  4. Vincent0522

    IH Drott Skid Shovel

    Hi Guys, great forum. I've been digging through it looking for info on a tractor I just bought-my first. I've got a lot of work to do and after thinking about all the ways it could go, and the cost, decided to buy an old tractor and do it myself. Never drove one before and know very little about them. I found an International (Drott Skid Shovel) for sale and went for it. The seller knew very little about it as it was left to him. What I knew was that with a jump it started up quick and sounded solid. The bucket works good and raises high, the scraper works good, the brakes good, forward and reverse good, right turns good, left not so hot but goes with a little coaxing. 500 hours on it. Some seals leak a little. The guy said it was a diesel but it is a gas engine. MODEL # 340K3 SERIAL # A2673 I'm a metal fabricator and have been working on cars for 20+ years but this is a new area for me. The first thing I've been trying to figure out is exactly what I bought and where I can get a service manual. From this site and Yesterday's Tractors I think I have a 1960 T340 with a gas engine, but still can't find a service manual. If anyone can confirm I'm right or wrong I'd be grateful (see photos in gallery), and any advice on the manual or anything else would be great at this point. I've driven it about 100 yards and want to run through it all a little before I really start pushing it. I fired it up today and moved it around a bit. Everything seems to work great except turning left. When turning right the lever immediately engages and the tractor begins spinning. When turning left I can feel the play in the lever. As I pull it back it seems to do nothing until it's almost all the way back. At the last inch or so of throw it engages and turns a bit. If I go slow and keep pulling it back and forth it turns left one little bit at a time. This is the main issue I'd like to figure out how to fix. Also, leaking seals on half of the hydraulics. I thought if I could get a manual there would be a part number or spec for a seal I could get, but an old timer up the road came by and was telling me the old models like this don't have seals but packing material that is cut to fit. All new to me and would like to confirm this too and get those sealed up. Thanks.