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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all, Putting the finishing touches on an article in Diesel World on this very elusive option. And, yes, it's for real... and makes IH the first to offer a diesel in a light truck. I found a lot of information on them at WHS, though it was mostly from the very beginning of the process. Because they made it a "Special Feature" rather than a regular production option, you won't see it listed in the normal places like a brochure or a Data Book. No doubt they put out some sort of an announcement to dealers but I haven't found a copy of it yet. The dealers knew how to order them, as evidenced by LSTs from all over the country. The LSTs are pretty normal, but for the engine and a very few changes needed to the truck. There was a supplemental-style parts listing for the unusual parts needed, but really there weren't that many. Since they were putting the engine in the Loadstar, and had offered it in the B-160 and BC-160 in '60-61, and the engine was built around the BD Series architecture, it fit well under the hood of a C-Line truck. I'm just putting out one last shout in case someone has one more little tidbit of information. I've harvested all the low hanging fruit, a a good deal of the upper tier stuff, but this is a pretty eclectic group and may have something more. Below are some specific questions on rumors and unconfirmed information I'd like bunk or debunk: -Supposedly, Scotts (the fertilizer people) ordered a big batch of these trucks at some point. Some of the rumors have this being up to 400 units . - Part two of the above says the Scotts thing happened early in the D-Line era. That is remotely possible since the D301 was still available in the Loadstar in 1969, but that was the last year for it. Another related rumor has the D301 available in '69 Light Line trucks as it was the previous years. While the automotive version of the engine was available in that year (it would be a combine/industrial engine from then on AFAIK), I don't know if it would fit in a D-Line body. The C-Line cab was built the fit the Diamond series engines, so it was an easy fit. Those engines were gone by the time the D-Line trucks came out so it might not have been a good fit. I KNOW IH wouldn't do a low volume option like this unless it was easy-peasy. -The earliest known D301 light trucks are 1964 but I have a nagging suspicion they might have come earlier and I'd like to confirm that (or not, as the facts decree). I know they experimented with installing this engine in B-Series Light Line trucks but the engine wasn't announced as an RPO for the medium duty line until April of 1960 and then was announced as being the base diesel option for the Loadstar late in 1961 ('62 MY). My theory is that the light line diesels could have appeared as early as 1962, but I am sticking with the confirmed by LSTs 1964 number until I know better. -Thus far, I know that they were available in all the pickups. They are confirmed in 1100s and 1200s, long and short wheelbase, regular bed or Bonus Load, or Cab & Chassis. Also, one Travelette has been found. I'd like to know if it was possible to fit the engine in a Travelall? Would there be any reason why an engine that fit in an 1100 or 1200 pickup wouldn't fit in a Travelall? If they would, then it's a least possible that in one of the known four years of production, somebody might have ordered a Travelall diesel (and wouldn't I like to be the lucky SOB that owns it! ( : < ) -I am collecting D301 engine numbers, any application from trucks to combines. Thus far, it looks like the serial numbers on the truck engines (all GVWs) are sequential, the highest being in the 8,000 range. I don't have any combine numbers, nor for the marine applications, industrial (loaders, etc) or stationary power plants. Because the automotive engines had significantly different calibration than an industrial engine, it seems logical that there were different series of this engine and maybe a new set of serial numbers. I'll know once I collect more numbers. -Would like to hear about any other trucks. I have Pat Putnam's two, the one Brendan Barnes sold, Joe Yackley's, Charlie Horton's and Shawn Bailey's, plus a couple of others that were for sale on the web at some points in time.
  2. Can't get fuel thru D301 fuel pump

    Hey Guys, Been working on installing a D301 into a 660 that I had in a 560. Project has taken a year or so. Well after all the sitting I can't get pump to pump fuel. It doesn't even want to go into pump, seems like it goes in inlet and then no farther. Shut off linkage was stuck in pump so took top off pump and got that freed up. Still no luck. Even put a small electric pump to feed it with no luck. Looking for any tricks besides pulling pump off as a last resort. Thank you!