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Found 5 results

  1. I picked up this IH 3800 Industrial Backhoe Last week.. Doesn't run well. Pretty smokey with strong unburnt fuel smell.. Almost like there is a exhaust valve open.. Have valve cover gaskets ordered so can get in there and check it out and adjust the valves if needed. I just got in the Owner, parts and engine service manuals (D282).. Looking for a transmission manual and injection pump manual and if possible a brake master cylinder manual (MICO) The machine had a fine layer of what I assume is dried oil and dirt which is about 1/8" thick over everywhere under the machine. I've taken a 4400psi pressure washer to it and the stuff is stuck on really, really well.. I started to think it's some sort of undercoating.. I have never seen such tenacious grime is that is the case.. I then went thru and greased every fitting I could find with Mobil CMM moly grease. The paint is really nice and shiny under the stuff. I am in need of a transmission filter and hydraulic filter. Any known dealers for Industrial IH products left? I started a facebook group.. There is nearly no information on these really cool machines..
  2. Are any felpro gaskets currently available?
  3. Does anyone have access to felpro gaskets?
  4. I have a 2656 diesel. It has all ways ran good but the other day it would only rev up to half throttle. I changed both filters the first one was nasty, the second pretty clean. But didn’t help. I flushed the lines, then wound up draining / flushing the tank. It Was pretty bad. ( I don’t know the history of this tractor) I also took the screen out of the pump it was clean. Then replaced the rubber hose from filter to pump. I have good flow of fuel to the pump. It will rev. All the way now but only runs a few seconds then slows till it dies. It sound good while running. I also took the fuel cap off the tank iam at a loss about the only thing left is the pump.
  5. I have a 2656 diesel it has always had to have a shot in the nose to get going. It was that way when I got it. Had the hood off the other day working on lights and fuel gauge, thought I would check out the glow plugs. They whernt even hooked up. Got them wired up. Now it starts great. Lol. Go figure. Just thought I would share this
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