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Found 2 results

  1. I need some advice, please. Because there has been so much trouble with getting quality overhaul kits, I have avoided doing engine overhauls as much as possible. I have an 886 with a D-358 in the shop right now that I have to overhaul. The advice that I see on this forum is: MEASURE EVERYTHING! Aside from the obvious rod and main bearing clearances, what exactly should I be measuring? I had new camshaft bearings put into the block and the very experienced machine shop line-bored them, which I double-checked, and they are perfect. I also had the large end of the rods checked for out-of-round; they are fine. What else should I be measuring? I am installing an Absolute kit from Riley's Tractor Parts. I don't know the origin of the parts, but likely offshore. Also, does anyone know if I should be using the thicker or thinner sleeve o-ring in the block? Thanks, Red Tech
  2. Because I am using a new supplier to our business, (Riley's Tractor Parts), and a new brand, (Absolute), I am measuring everything just to make sure that I don't have any problems. I would appreciate if you could give me your opinions on a couple of my measurements. This is in an 886 with a D-358. The bores in the sleeves are all .002-.003 larger than the original bore spec of 3.875 and the maximum out-of-round is .0007. The sleeve standout above the block is .002; the manual calls for .003-.005. The ring gaps on the top two rings are .019, which is within the specification of .014-.022 The ring gap on the oil ring is .018, which is slightly outside the specification of .010-.016. The piston pin diameter is perfect; however, the length of all of the pins is about .015 shorter than the specs so the clearance between the snap ring and the pin is not within the specs of .004-.032. It is anywhere from .003 to .019 past the top spec of .032. All but one of the pins are within .010, with only one being .019 above the top spec. Because the .004-.032 is a rather wide range, I'm wondering if I should be concerned about the additional clearance. As I proceed, I will measure additional areas, but for now, I would appreciate your opinions as to whether these measurements are within acceptable ranges. Thank you, Red Tech
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