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Found 7 results

  1. I just brought home a very early 1972 (110th one off the line) 175C crawler loader. It is my first venture into stuff big enough to crush a car. I have mostly stuck to small engines and tractors up to this point. I bought a 400 pg (roughly) maintenance book online (ISS-1528-2), but it doesn't contain the simple stuff, like where are all the drains and what are the recommended fluids, filter locations, and frequency of changes. Does anyone have an Operator's manual for this machine that they would mind selling or copying for me? I cannot find any other service manuals for sale anywhere online, besides the engine. I have searched this forum and found a website that is somewhat supported by Komatsu for exploded diagrams, so if I know what to look for, I might be able to decipher where in the machine it is. My fear is that I will miss something that I don't know about. Picture books are always nice. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Bd154

    IH 500 build

    Hello, It has been sometime since I posted, but I figured I would give an update on my project. It has been a long one, constantly delayed due to work, other projects and weather, rebuilding an engine in a open sided shed during the winter is not the most pleasant. loaded onto the trailer when I first got her Last August I pulled the engine on my 1966 IH 500, due to finding camshaft parts lying on the bottom of the oil pan. After pulling the engine I was able to order most parts from, including new pistons, camshaft, crank shaft and bearings etc. Then everything sat until a few months ago when I resumed disassembly of the engine Make shift sleeve puller I forgot to take photos during the installation of the internals. new items are: New camshaft, crankshaft, all new bearings, cylinder sleeves, pistons, water pump, rings and one new con rod. Inspected the oil pump and all looked good and to spec. the head was sent to the shop to check checked out and tuned up. I had issues with the new cam bearings during install, they ended up being slightly too small. I had to send it to the shop so they could line bore the bearings. now with some paint
  3. 1945 IH TD-9

    Td9 starting valves

    So my grandfather purchased a 1945 crawler and he has tried to get it running. Problem being he cant see well and can only talk people through it. He operated one in the late 40's but never had one tore down so his knowledge on it is limited. I purchased a couple of manuals for it and we started from there. The engine turns well but wont fire. The second and third starting valves are stuck in the open position which I don't think should be a problem when starting on gas if it fires, but will be a problem when switching over to diesel. Any tips on freeing up these valves without taking apart the head or is that the only way. I am not very familiar with these engines so any other advice would be appreciated. thanks.
  4. I have a 1961 T5 that I am trying to get going again. It was my Dad's crawler. He worked as a mechanic at an IH dealer for over 20 years and was a collector of anything IH. He passed away 2 years ago and I'm starting work on the crawler. He loaned the crawler to a neighbor and it came back broken, mostly drive parts. It has been apart, with tracks off, in his barn for over 10 years. I've been calling around various places without much luck so far. Thanks Edit: Saw the pinned post, trying some of those listed also
  5. Deas Plant

    Mystery crawler

    Hi, Folks. There has been a discussion running over on the ACMOC forum for the last few days about a mystery crawler with 6 photos posted of the machine. The general consensus over there is that it has an interesting collection of parts that appear to be TD24, track frames, planetary steering levers, gauges, back end, etc., but none of the guys over there have seen anything like it, me included. It has a rear-mounted radiator and fan system and hard nose with what appears to be built-in cable sheaves for a blade lift. There does not appear to be a master clutch lever or gear shift levers such as you would expect to find on a direct drive machine. Instead, there is what appears to be a 'tiller handle' ahead of the left arm rest, much like the steering/transmission control in the diff-steer Cats, and a bank of 4 gauges outside the left armrest behind that tiller handle. I think there would be much appreciation if some of the 'Founts of Wisdom' from here could take a look and maybe come up with some answers. Maybe we can all learn something from this? Just my 0.02. You all have a wonderful day. Best wishes. Deas Plant.
  6. Title says it all if it crawls or its got tracks lets check it out These just happen to be all Henry's Fords to start out with
  7. Vincent0522

    IH Drott Skid Shovel

    Hi Guys, great forum. I've been digging through it looking for info on a tractor I just bought-my first. I've got a lot of work to do and after thinking about all the ways it could go, and the cost, decided to buy an old tractor and do it myself. Never drove one before and know very little about them. I found an International (Drott Skid Shovel) for sale and went for it. The seller knew very little about it as it was left to him. What I knew was that with a jump it started up quick and sounded solid. The bucket works good and raises high, the scraper works good, the brakes good, forward and reverse good, right turns good, left not so hot but goes with a little coaxing. 500 hours on it. Some seals leak a little. The guy said it was a diesel but it is a gas engine. MODEL # 340K3 SERIAL # A2673 I'm a metal fabricator and have been working on cars for 20+ years but this is a new area for me. The first thing I've been trying to figure out is exactly what I bought and where I can get a service manual. From this site and Yesterday's Tractors I think I have a 1960 T340 with a gas engine, but still can't find a service manual. If anyone can confirm I'm right or wrong I'd be grateful (see photos in gallery), and any advice on the manual or anything else would be great at this point. I've driven it about 100 yards and want to run through it all a little before I really start pushing it. I fired it up today and moved it around a bit. Everything seems to work great except turning left. When turning right the lever immediately engages and the tractor begins spinning. When turning left I can feel the play in the lever. As I pull it back it seems to do nothing until it's almost all the way back. At the last inch or so of throw it engages and turns a bit. If I go slow and keep pulling it back and forth it turns left one little bit at a time. This is the main issue I'd like to figure out how to fix. Also, leaking seals on half of the hydraulics. I thought if I could get a manual there would be a part number or spec for a seal I could get, but an old timer up the road came by and was telling me the old models like this don't have seals but packing material that is cut to fit. All new to me and would like to confirm this too and get those sealed up. Thanks.