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Found 4 results

  1. The wonderful thing about tractors are all the varied jobs they can do. The various attachments they can use. Dad and I changed the 1206 over from fall to spring work. (It took us 44 minutes!) It seemed like an interesting topic to me. What transformations do your tractors make? Let's see some pics!
  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone, I've grown tired of fighting with the manual steering on my Farmall 340, and would like to convert it to power steering. Is it as simple as ordering the power steering components from a salvage yard, and installing them, or is it way more complicated? Presently, I only have the timing gear-mounted hydraulic pump. Will I need to install the larger pump inside the belly of the tractor to make this conversion? Is it simpler to just buy a Char Lynn unit made for an H or M, and custom fit it to what I have? And does anyone have any schematics, parts' listings or d
  3. Hi All, Ive got a Farmall 706 with a D282 that is stuffed. Id like to swap in a Cat 3208 for something different, as i have one available. I have a few questions regarding the swap, if anyone could enlighten me that would be great. 1. Will the shorter chassis rails fit the 3208? 2. What type of adaptor plate is required to mate the engine to the transmission? Will it be custom machined? 3. Does the radiator from a D282 have an inlet and outlet that suits the 3208? 4. I have a NA 3208, somewhere around 210HP i think, can the rear end of the 706 handle slow speed tr
  4. I am attempting to convert the AC in my 1066 deluxe cab to the 86 series condenser. I have a hydro and it seems like the oil cooler is very large, I dont know if the hydro oil coolers are larger than the gear tractors, but it seems like they should. Anyway, the 86 series condenser wont fit in enough to put the grill back on. has anyone had to make any modifications to get the 86 series condenser to fit and still be able to get the grill back in? any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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