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Found 6 results

  1. I have an 820 header with wobble box issues. The upper wobble box frame is cracked and the bolts need replacing. The only way to replace the bolts is to remove the driven pulley. Is it threaded on? Pressed on? Heat, oil, big power tools, etc and we cannot get the pulley off. Any suggestions? Also need to replace the needle bearing on the bottom of the wobble box. Seems straight forward, but nothing ever is.
  2. There is my rebuilted and restored 80 combine. I put a pickup reel this year I include a video , sorry for quality, its hard to film and run the machine in the same time! https://youtu.be/kbeefDy9RT0
  3. https://www.bigiron.com/Lots/McCormick125SPVCombinewHead?fbclid=IwAR3wLDamx-IvHv_yz6F9gy9e1bSRGfEFPdQPYNsAUUcaaEkngTbAhhlwFgc Still appears to have the original split auger in the header too. Very rare.
  4. SeanP


    Hey guys does anyone know how to read this serial number. Guy has an engine for sale and is advertising it as a 436 but the serial on the block says otherwise. I know the top number shows it being a block from a truck. Why are there 2 serial numbers? Anyone know how to read the bottom number? He claims it came out of a 1460 combine
  5. We have a 915 combine we use to harvest wheat with. We disabled the chopper and spreader so that it lays the straw in a windrow ready to square bale. But we’re having problems with the fan not blowing the chaff out very good. I’ve tried adjusting the fan belt but it doesn’t seem to make much difference. I think it’s a poorly designed fan system and should have a fan blowing straight in from the bottom. This system has a fan pulling air from the side and blowing down and then back up through the ductwork. We’ve been thinking about redoing some of the ductwork and using a high speed 12 volt fan mounted closer to he bottom of the machine tp really push air through and hopefully get most of the chaff out. Has anybody done this or anything similar? We only do about 30 acres of wheat per year. The machine is in good shape otherwise so I hate to spend the money getting another combine. We have a 1640 for corn. We tried it on wheat but it absolutely destroyed the straw. I’m just curious if it’s possible to get a dc powered fan to blow that much air for the amount of time.
  6. Hello many months back I came across a International 1000C that someone swapped a D301 in it from a combine (from a 715 I believe), and for the life of me I cant get diesel to the injectors, I'm getting plenty to the pump just not to the injectors me and my father put a new seal kit on the injector pump following a Blue Ribbon service manual as close as we could, and still no fuel the only mistake that I think we could have made (besides not having the professional tools to do it properly) is possibly with the weight basket but I'm pretty sure we put it together correctly and then its a solenoid pump and the solenoid is going bad, we did try it with the solenoid completely closed with a zip tie and with it free to do as it pleased, anyways any help would be much appreciated, Id really like to not spend much on this pump being I haven't even heard the motor run so I don't want to waste to much for a lost cause, the pump is a Stanadyne DBGFC631-33AL
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