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Found 4 results

  1. I have a IH Tractor Radiator marked 400 450 without the through hole for the steering shaft and it has three threaded nuts on the mounting tabs on each side of it. I am familiar with the Farmall 400 that uses the radiator WITH the hole OEM 361416R93 and 361417R93 this is NOT it. and when I look for the part number on the IH parts I can't seem to find the break where this no hole unit would fit? Does anyone know is it a CASE or a IH Farmall or something else going on here? Any help appreciated. Thanks
  2. I have an 895 case ih cab Tractor. The pto does not work. I have completed all tests. I have 0psi coming out of MCV. All valves are good. I have come to find out that the fluid used for the pto comes from the steering return, which comes back into the MCV. I am NOT getting any fluid from steering return at MCV. Steering works great. The line that connects to the MCV steering return port is connected to the top of trans under cab. The line coming from the steering box is dumping into the top of trans about 2 inches back of where the other line comes out. My Question... What does the oil supply or go to before coming back out of trans? And why wouldn’t I have fluid coming out? Thanks
  3. I picked up an 895 from an auction last week that seems to have some issues with the pto and 3pt lift. If I move the pto lever, I can see it moving the hydraulic valve looking thing to the left of the seat, but it never spins. Hydraulic oil is at the right level, and if I manually spin the pto shaft from the rear, I can feel gears meshing internally. Does anyone have any suggestions for things to check? Ideally without opening up the tractor, but I suspect that's going to be necessary... The other issue, is the 3pt hitch lift will move up and down with the draft control, but does nothing with the position lever. Since the draft control moves the arms, obviously the pump is working fine, so I'm guessing there's most likely some sort of valve inside that's stuck? If I do have to open things up to check it out, any chance someone has a manual or pictures to help illustrate what I'm looking at/for?
  4. marko20

    case 1460

    Please help me my combain case 1460 refracted all the time sievs!I was change all selenium and stock but nothing didnt help i dont have any ideas!
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